Sue Storm: Played by AngelBlue

Invisible Woman

A terrible accident in her teenage years. Experimental skin grafts from Reed Richards. A fluke natural phenomenon, and Sue Storm acquired the ability to make herself and others invisible. Now she works for the Future Foundation as well as one of T’Challa’s Secret Avengers.

Raid Bosses


Raids serve to emulate the moments in the Marvel Universe where rogues hit the heroes where it hurts most. Often these result in sprawling, universe-shaking crossovers that require allies from all corners to come to each other’s aid.

Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo

In the final hours of the assault on Manhattan, Baron Zemo stepped forth to claim responsibility. Across all platforms, network and streaming his words were replayed: “Manhattan belongs to us now.”

Red Ghost

Red Ghost

From respected scientist to dangerous criminal with a cadre of super-apes, Red Ghost has come to lead a group of villains known as The Frightful Four.

Carmilla Black

Carmilla Black

Carmilla Black. The woman formerly known as Scorpion. Whether she’s a villain or a hero, her and her poisonous stingers are as treacherous as her namesake.


Logan’s commanding officer in WWII, Silas Burr—Cyber—has been an adamnium thorn in his side just as long. Most recently as a new Weapon X experiment.

Wolverine: Played by Matthew Lewis


The man known as Wolverine has been many things: mutant, soldier, X-Man. After the rise of The Barony, he’s been recruited by Black Panther to join his Secret Avengers. He brings with him several lifetimes of combat and espionage.

Domino: Played by Geekylikeme


When things defy all probability, physics or common sense, it’s probably because Domino is near. Luckier than a rabbit’s foot, and armed to teeth, Domino is the ultimate devil-may-care operative.