United through anarchy

When the Secret Avengers deploy in Anaia (the Capital City of Symkaria), they run across members of Flag-Smasher’s anarcho-liberators, ULTIMATUM. Domino takes out many of them by sending a mac-truck missile through a security checkpoint. This alerts Anarchy—field commander and top sniper—to their presence, who perches atop a building and waits for their arrival in front of her scope.

She quickly pins down the covert heroes with a buffet of bullets while using the amassed ULTIMATUM and Symkarian forces to split the team up and force them into the open. Eventually, the Avengers squad eliminates all the ground forces, but not without collateral damage.

Scarlet Spider and Wolverine make the climb to the top of the building to confront Anarchy which results in a violent battle of claws, fists, and bullets. This results in Wolverine taking a point-blank sniper round to the sternum which drops him. Scarlet Spider is able to dodge the next course of shots, and rouse Wolverine who wakes with a range, burying his claws deep under Anarchy’s ribs, and dumping her off the edge of the building presumably to her death.


Secret Avengers #2


played by:



Level 8
Fighter 8 (Battlemaster)



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