Carmilla Black

Carmilla Black

Carmilla Black

Chekov’s Gun

Not much is known about Carmilla Black. Even less about her allegiances. A former Scorpion. Formerly agent for both SHIELD and Hydra. After the fall of Moscow to the Nation of Unified Evil, she apparently made her way there, where she met up with the Strucker Twins.

As Domino and Deadpool sought to infiltrate Moscow’s Gorodurodov (“mutant circus”), they ran afoul Carmilla outside Club Fenris. Andrea saw through Domino’s disguise and fled, leaving Carmilla to cover her tracks. As Deadpool taunted and maximum-efforted a host of newly converted Barony disciples, Carmilla and Domino came to blows. Even in the clutches of Carmilla’s brutal and poisonous stingers, her luck-fueled trick shots proved too much and Black was downed in a hail of improbably gunfire.


Domino #1


played by:



Level 8
Rogue 5 (Arcane Trickster)
Artificer 3 (Alchemist)


NUE (presumed)

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