The Marvel Overpower bible is a comprehensive collection of all things relevant to the game. Rules, Continuity, Prologues, everything. It’s the best source for new players, DMs, and anyone else following along.

Hero Points

Superheroes and their symbols inspire us. As such, the Inspiration mechanic from standard Dungeons and Dragons needs a heroic upgrade! Heroic Inspiration is awarded in exactly the same ways as standard. For clever use of skills, for fantastic roleplaying or problem solving—it’s up to the discretion of the DM and the players.

Solicit: Agents of atlas

The portal city of Pan always had a tenuous position in Asia. But with refugees from all over Asia fleeing villain incursions, it’s become a powder keg on the verge of collapse, putting Pan’s young protectors in a dangerous spot.


In an act of charity to the surface world, Namor sent an Atlantean delegation to broker peace. After Zemo’s attack, the King of the Seas is all out of charity, teaming with Doom to exact his revenge.


A field commander and sniper for Flag-Smasher’s ULTIMATUM. She confronted the Secret Avengers in Anaia before ultimately meeting her end.

Tactics Not Alignment

[5e]Tactics Not Alignment

Alignment in a standard D&D game is often ignored. In a world where heroes and foes will have to overcome their difference in order to defeat Zemo’s hordes, even more so. Enter tactics. Tactics grant heroes powerful abilities when they find themselves in the right situational environments.

Sue Storm: Played by AngelBlue

Invisible Woman

A terrible accident in her teenage years. Experimental skin grafts from Reed Richards. A fluke natural phenomenon, and Sue Storm acquired the ability to make herself and others invisible. Now she works for the Future Foundation as well as one of T’Challa’s Secret Avengers.

Raid Bosses


Raids serve to emulate the moments in the Marvel Universe where rogues hit the heroes where it hurts most. Often these result in sprawling, universe-shaking crossovers that require allies from all corners to come to each other’s aid.

Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo

In the final hours of the assault on Manhattan, Baron Zemo stepped forth to claim responsibility. Across all platforms, network and streaming his words were replayed: “Manhattan belongs to us now.”

Red Ghost

Red Ghost

From respected scientist to dangerous criminal with a cadre of super-apes, Red Ghost has come to lead a group of villains known as The Frightful Four.