Silas Burr—Cyber—an NPC villain.

Silas Burr

Murder on the weapon x-press

In what Old Man Logan hoped would be his last mission at any one else’s behest, he was sent to board a Weapon X bullet train where a child mutant called Child X was being kept. Weapon X was using him to power Mutant Nullification munitions which disrupted the Krakoan ability to resurrect fallen mutants. Unbeknownst to Logan, his old commanding officer—and often foe—Cyber had been drafted into service by Weapon X, and become their adamantium frankenstein. At the sight of Wolverine, Cyber charged, tossing aside the Weapon X guards. The two traded countless adamantium slices, bringing each other to as close to death as either could get.

A deranged, and sadistic euphoria grabbed hold of Silas, happy to be at war with Wolverine once more.

Cyber seemingly grabbed the upper hand by restraining Logan, making him an easy target and allowing the guards to pin cushion him with Mutant Nullifcation rounds. However, Wolverine used his healing factor to turn the tide, his claws finding purchase in a soft spot, ultimately felling the giant.


Wolverine #1


played by:



Barbarian 8 (Battlerager)


Weapon X

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