Domino: Played by Geekylikeme

Neena Thurman



Chekov’s Gun

After the Nation of Unified Evil put down the rebellion in Moscow, they secured the the Krakoa Gate within the city with heavy military weaponry, and enough super-villains to make its use essentially impossible. This put the citizens of its “Gorodurodov” (or mutant slum) at risk. Easy targets to the growing horde of villains flocking to the city from all over Europe. Stranded, they’ve become victims of hazing, abuse, or worse, sometimes murder. Domino has been tasked by The Quiet Council to infiltrate the slum and rescue key assets. If anyone can laugh in the face of impossibilities, it’s her.

Domino enlisted the help of Maximum Effort BFF Deadpool to help her on this mission, but they were separated in Holland as they trekked stealthily across Europe. Domino pushed on, making her way behind enemy lines into Moscow, and approached Gorodurodov. There she tried to slip into Club Fenris (a villains-only club) under the guise of a villain, but as she studied her surroundings, Andrea von Strucker studied her, identifying her. Andrea fled into the club, and sent some of The Barony after her. Domino quickly dispatched them, but in doing so caught the interest of another of the club’s patrons, Carmilla Black. As the standoff between them tensed, Deadpool emerged from one of the nearby rooftops, bathed in neon. Carmilla charged.

The two women traded shots, Domino using a plethora of trick shots at close range was able to down the woman once known as Scorpion, but not before getting run through a few times by her venomous spikes. Meanwhile Deadpool flopped a superhero landing before mocking someone to death.

Deadpool informed Domino that he’d found a secret entrance into Gorodurodov, and the pair slipped in through a condemned building.

(To be continued)


Domino #1
Secret Avengers #1
Secret Avengers #2


played by:


Class & Level:

Level 10
Fighter 10 (Gunslinger)


Relational Tactics: Buddy
Combat Tactics: Subterfuge

1TA (Short Rest): Short Rest as a bonus action.

2TA (Saving Grace): When Domino has maximum tactical advantage, she has Advantage on all Saving Throws.


Secret Avengers

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