Smash and grab

A self-styled freedom fighter, Karl Morgenthau despises ideals of patriotism and national rule. He believes that “people are people,” and that is the only necessary standard by which they should be ruled. In his quest to topple nations and free people from the bonds of their borders, he has found an odd bedfellow: Baron Zemo.

As Zemo orchestrated his plans to use the forthcoming peace summit to destabilize the global community and throw the blame at the feet of superheroes, Flag-Smasher seized the opportunity. Appealing to Zemo’s vanity, Karl worked with him to not only tear down the governments of the world, but build a single nation in its carcass. The Nation of Unified Evil was born. With Flag-Smasher the right hand to the Baron.


The Flag-Smasher has at his disposal a once secret militia of armed liberators ULTIMATUM (Underground Liberated Totally Intergrated Mobile Army to Unite Mankind) which he and Zemo use as boots-on-the-ground police force in NUE cities like New York and Moscow.


Secret Avengers #2 (ULTIMATUM only)


played by: NPC

Class: TBD

Level: TBD

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