Invisible Woman

Sue Storm: Played by AngelBlue

Sue Storm


When Sue Storm’s best friend got her driver’s license, the two jumped at the chance at newfound freedom. An act that would have lasting repercussions, not just for them, but for Sue’s brother Johnny who had stowed himself away.

The three teenagers got into a terrible accident, from which none should have survived. Sue herself would have likely burned alive if not for her brother’s intervention.

However, she ended up getting an experimental treatment from Reed Richards and his renowned Future Foundation. He implemented genetically engineered stem cells spliced with chameleon and lizard regeneration genes to increase the speed of re-growth of tissues and increase the elasticity of the cells.  She had 80% of her body burned and covered by skin grafts made from these stem cells.  Johnny also received some skin grafts and treatments.

The grafts helped and they both recovered but she remained very self-conscious of her burn scars. Staying kinda in the background as she was growing up.

During college she had been out for a run, and caught in a storm. She was hit by lightning which caused mutation in her skin grafts.  When she got out of the hospital, she realized that when she was feeling embarrassed and wanting to not be seen, and her body responded, turning invisible! After much practice she was able to generate the effect at will.  Over time, she could also make things she touched and around her invisible.

In her college years—and showing great scinetific prowess herself—she reached out to Reed in hopes of understanding her grafts and subsequent powers. As is common for Reed, however, he’s not much for follow-up consultation, and instead punted to Future Foundation tech specialist T’Challa to consult and collaborate on creating her a suit that would adapt to her shifting visibility spectrum.

Through T’Challa—and by proxy, Reed—Sue was given an internship with Future Foundation at their Baxter Building location after demonstrating her knowledge in ability helping T’Challa with the invisibility suit.

The frightful foundation

It was an ordinary night at the Baxter Building. Reed was leading the Future Foundation on an expedition into the Negative Zone, and all the interns had gone home. Except for Sue Storm. She was once again poring over the effects of her skin grafts and procedures that gave her invisibility powers.

Her younger brother Johnny had stopped by to rescue her with a sibling, and to flirt with H.E.R.B.I.E. (Highly Engineered Relationship and Building Intelligence Executive), the building’s virtual intelligence. As Sue reached the lobby, she witnessed a wrecking ball tossed through the building’s front facade, and Crusher Creel—Absorbing Man— stepping through the rubble.

Turns out, this was no ordinary night, but the night where Baron Zemo assumed control of New York, creating his villainous nation.

Sue shouted after her brother, and ushered him back to the elevator as H.E.R.B.I.E. began to short out.

The siblings rode the elevator to the medical wing, which leads back to the security hub. Getting off the elevator, Sue and Johnny are quickly joined by another escaped villain, Hydro-Man. He burst in through an exterior window, and begins to prowl the medical wing. Sue turns invisible, and tries to sneak past him, creating visual mirages and tricks to buy Johnny a way past, but it ultimately fails, and Johnny is spotted, forced to “flame on.”

The hotheaded Storm slices through Hydro-Man with less than ideal results as the flames fizzle out. In response, Hydro-Man spawns his “aquamatons,” amorphous water puppets than quickly restrain and suffocate him while pummeling him to the point of becoming bloodied.

Sue lashes out to spare her brother, creating force beams to pull apart the water molecules of the aquamatons, and then phasing beside her brother, and phasing away with an eruption of devastating force, stunning Hydro-Man. The clever tactic puts Sue and Johnny just outside the security room, and they slip inside, locking the door behind them.

Before following his sister in, Johnny’s ego gets the best of him and he takes the chance to lob a fireball at Hydro-Man, nearly killing him, and destroying a significant amount of the labs.

Sue takes to the security controls, and even without tech expertise, is able to set a general distress beacon out to all Future Foundation members, use the cameras to spy on the building—even catching Titania trying to bust her way into the cryogenics lab—and even activate the building’s attack drones.

However, this also buys Crusher Creel enough time to meld into the steel security room doors and pass through, getting the drop on Johnny.



Invisible Woman #1
Secret Avengers #1
Secret Avengers #2


played by:


Class & Level:

Level 10
Rogue 9 (Arcane Trickster)
Warlock 1 (The Celestial)


Relational Tactics: Team
Combat Tactics: Subterfuge

1TA (Short Rest): Short Rest as a bonus action.

2TA (Weaver of Illusion): When Invisible Woman has maximum tactical advantage, she does not need to spend a spell slot to use any spell from the Illusion school.


Secret Avengers

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