King Namor


King Namor is many things: a man, an Atlantean, a mutant. Royalty and outcast. Strategist, yet quick to rage. It makes him a nefarious opponent, and a fickle ally. In their attempts to broker peace, the surface world was shocked to see the King had sent a delegation to take part. Perhaps no more than Baron Zemo himself, because while Zemo may have accounted for every little detail, almost no one chooses to make an enemy of Namor. Which is exactly what Zemo did. Worst of all, the offense pushed Namor into the embrace of Victor Von Doom.

No one yet knows what brought Namor to work with the surface world, or what his true plans might be. Rest assured, however, that Namor is always planning something. Whether he’s part of The Cabal, donating land to his X-Men brethren, attempting to secure the Phoenix Force, or simply waging another war against those who walk land, Namor’s ways are his own, and his alone. Few allies are more powerful, and even fewer enemies deadlier.


Doom’s Avengers #1


played by:


Class & Level:

Level 10
Paladin 10 (Oath of the Open Sea)


Relational Tactics: Solo
Combat Tactics: Agressor

1TA (Short Rest): Short Rest as a bonus action.

2TA (Imperius Rex): When Namor has maximum tactical advantage, all his Smites may be used as a reaction to any offensive attack, and not as a bonus action.


Doom’s Avengers

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