Prologue: A Nation of Unified Evil

Prologue: The Gates of Hell

The Gates of Hell

Leaders of states, ambassadors, and foreign dignitaries all congregate in Manhattan for a peace summit unlike any other. Representatives from Latveria, Wakanda, Madripoor, and even Atlantis all attend.

A momentous occasion unlike any other, and the signal of true sovereign peace on the planet. 

Unknown to the assembly of would be peace bringers, the gates to each and every one of New York’s  ten super-power rated prisons had flung open at the same exact time. Before long they descended upon Manhattan, vultures feasting on the carrion and confusion.

A day of would-be peace became one of bloodshed. A violent revolution of power.

The Revolution Will Be Televised

The Revolution Will Be Televised

In the final hours of the assault on Manhattan, Baron Zemo stepped forth to claim responsibility. Across all platforms, network and streaming his words were replayed: “Manhattan belongs to us now.”

“Failure to respect our borders will result in consequences far beyond those born this day,” he continued.

“Any attempt to rescue foreign dignitaries, and the same fate handed New York will be dealt to your lands.

Any heroes or would be rescuers found within our borders will be executed on sight. The nations which bore them would be branded enemies of the state.”

Russia was the first to disobey the newly-crowned villain world power. Using backchannels they offered citizenship and pardons to any who would turn against Zemo’s horde, and return their ambassadors. A revolt that was swiftly and bloodily put down. The insurrectionist villains were executed, as was every last Russian ambassador. Several days later reports came out from what had been Moscow that villains from all over Eastern Europe had taken control.

The Unifed Nations of Evil now controlled one of the largest nuclear stockpiles in the world, as well as megatons of newly acquired negotiating power.

Prologue: A Vengeance Assembled

A Vengeance Assembled

After the fall of Moscow, Madripoor—a den of thieves and villains anyway—falls in line. Symkaria sees the return of Madripoor’s ambassadors and quickly joins to reunite with their ruler, Silver Sable. This brings the Nation of Unified Evil to the doorstep of Latveria.

All eyes shift toward Doom and other major world powers: Wakanda, The United States, England, France. All suspiciously quiet as nations continue to join the borderless horde of villains, lorded over by a freshly crowned Baron Zemo. 

Sentiment across the globe begins to turn as citizenry everywhere rally against established governments under the unified cry: 

“We are the barony.”

Prologue: Escape from New York

Escape from New York

Led by Flag-Smasher, the white-clad militia group ULTIMATUM move in to secure civilian matters and bring unrest to order. As more and more villains flood Madripoor, Symkaria, Moscow, and New York, heroes are put on the run.

Even major players on the New York scene are suspiciously absent. The Avengers, Fantastic Four, SHIELD, Doctor Strange, all missing, or worse. The city’s street-level heroes Spider-Man, Daredevil, Moon Knight, etc., seemingly go dark also. Presumably trying to sneak their way way out from enemy lines to avoid the death of remaining dignitaries and the emptying of more prisons.

Prologue: Let the Games Begin

Let the games begin

And this is where we join our “heroes.” Some, as boots on the ground, attempting either flee or infiltrate the newly-christened NUE York as they attempt to save global hostages, or themselves.

On the global scale, machinations grow in secret, afraid to come out into the light. With the Avengers and more missing, with nations slipping under the spell of Zemo’s Nation of Unified Evil, who is left to stand against him, his villainous Thunderbolts Army, and ULTIMATUM? Black Panther? Doctor Doom? Namor? Who can make the call to assemble the remnants of whatever heroes remain, and avenge the world that once was?

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