Raid Bosses

massive threats

Even the most two-bit crook can elevate themselves to a power player with the right scheme. The same is true for the machinations of members of classic rogues galleries. There comes a time when their plots are so menacing that it requires all hands on deck. For Marvel Overpower, that means raids.

Raid Bosses

Raids will give an opportunity for players across all Overpower campaigns to band together and take on fearsome level 20 versions of infamous villains, and their most deadly schemes.

These raid bosses will all have their own legendary and lair actions much like high level monsters.

These battles will be intense and challenging, and survival is not in the favor of the players.

However, player deaths do not last beyond the encounter, so, there’s no drawback for joining in on a raid. That said, choosing not to interfere, may in fact come back to bite heroes, as the Butterfly Effect is very much in play. Failure to deter these schemes and who knows how that might embolden them, or change the world.

raid rewards

Players that participate in raids will be able to win one-of-a-kind consumables to take back with them into their home campaigns based on the raid bosses encountered. And should players defeat the raid boss outright, they might even come away with powerful wondrous items.

joining a raid

Joining a raid is pretty simple. Before a raid begins, a small bit of flavor text will hit the “Raids” channel in the Global Hub category on the Discord. This is the advert for a new raid, and in the following days, info about the raid and its boss will be posted along with the date of the Raid session. From that point on any and all player/characters can opt into the raid and attempt to stop the raid bosses’ scheme. There is no limitation to how many players can band together, nor the campaigns they come from. To opt in players must respond to the raid channel with their desire to join, and then wait for the session date.

On the date of the raid, players can join the Raid Session channel with all the other players, and the raid will begin.

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