Scarlet Spider

Ben Reilly



Eves of Destruction

Top-level SHIELD agent G.W. Bridge was working a covert detail tracking the coming and going of various high-level members of The Barony when he went dark. Ben Reilly is recalled by SHIELD to track down, find, and recover Bridge and whatever information he may have, if possible. Ben received this mission while training with Logan and the Secret Avengers in Wakanda and so Logan joins the mission. The two are flown to Amsterdam where Bridge’s trail went cold. They find themselves in the midst of an obvious spy-vs.-spy cat-and-mouse game that points to an odd hotel named 33 Eaves where all of the clientele are women.

The odd happenstance of the all-woman clientele put the two spies on edge, and after some ribbing from Ben, Logan sniffed out a hint of what he believes could be Bridge, and the two of them walk into the lobby. The two men stick out like sore thumbs, garnering some attention from all the other patrons, but things remained cordial. Ben approached the front desk and tried to coyly pump information from the concierge. Having no information to provide Ben, the manager of the hotel is called, and she informs the two that there is no recollection of any visitors to the hotel who could have been their missing “friend.” While the manager appeared genuine, Ben’s Spidey Sense began to ping around the lobby, and he and Logan get a little more twitchy until the hotel manager offers to take them back to security to confirm on CCTV footage that Bridge had never been on the premises. Ben and Logan and agree and follow here into the bowels of the hotel. Their collective heightened senses perked when passing a security door, they do not hear it close and are confronted with three woman, all who appear to be guests, not staff.

One of the guests quickly shape-shifted to reveal the identity of Madame Masque. A conflict ensued as Ben and Logan matched a barrage of laser pistol fire with fists, webs, and claws. As Ben punched one of the women, her appearance gave way to match that of Masque, before crumpling into a heap of sparking electronics. Revealed to be a technological clone, Wolverine quickly dismembered the other one before turning his attention to Madame Masque. Ben and Logan used their two-on-one advantage to quickly wear down this Madame Masque, ending with a lifeless body skewered across adamantium claws. This Masque, not dying like the others.

The two spies pushed their way back to another locked security door that was no match for an adamantium master key. Inside was a bank of monitors, terminals, and drive towers. The manager from before had also secured herself in this room. With a little plying, she was willing to walk Ben and and Logan through a bunch of camera footage. This footage showed G.W. Bridge, a wily veteran spy making his way through the hotel before reaching the elevator bay and disappearing behind a set of closed elevator doors. No more footage was archived as there are no cameras on any floors above the lobby. Ben then made sure to secure the harddrives of footage, but opted to have Wolverine cut them to ribbons to cover their trail.

As they had done many times so far, Ben and Logan followed Bridge’s trail, and headed toward the lobby, and the elevator bay. However, when they reentered the lobby, they found all the patrons in the lobby had been replaced with Madame Masque clones, their eyes all trained on the two men.

To be continued…


Marvel Team-Up #1
Secret Avengers #2


played by:


Class & Level:

Level 10
Monk 8 (Way of Mercy)
Rogue 2


Relational Tactics: Buddy
Combat Tactics: Conflict

1TA (Short Rest): Short Rest as a bonus action.

2TA (Like a Good Neighbor): When Scarlet Spider has maximum tactical advantage and a creature other than him—within his maximum melee attack range—gets hit with an attack, he can use his reaction to reduce the damage the target takes by 1d6 + his proficiency bonus (to a minimum of 0 damage).

Using this ability in the way also allows Scarlet Spider to push the attacking creature away from them 10ft, into other objects or creatures. The attacking creature is also knocked prone.


Secret Avengers

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