Secret Avengers #2: Silver and Black, Pt. 2

Everything is a weapon if you try hard enough

Black Panther and his Secret Avengers take action toward fulfilling their promise to Silver Sable. To bring the Wakandan king to Symkaria to broker an allaince. Since the nation is now a member of the Nations of Unified Evil, to enter its borders would be an act of war.

They plan to use The Avengers as cover in order to infiltrate the now hostile land. T’Challa reaches out to four Avengers without national ties to avoid recourse: Valkyrie (Jane Foster), Nova (Richard Rider), Spectrum, and Darkhawk.

The contingent of Secret Avengers—Scarlet Spider, Domino, Wolverine, and Invisible Woman—infiltrate a railway shipping and weigh station several clicks away from the Symkarian palace. The whole country is habitually under martial law as necessitated by constant seizure attempts by its neighbors. This infiltration point seemed safest on approach.

The Secret Avengers split up into two groups (Scarlet Spider, Domino, and Wolverine, Invisible Woman). They quickly make out several rail yard workers, and handful of Symkarian soldiers. Invisible Woman sends a signal to Valkyrie to serve as distractions. With a thunderclap and eruption of light she appears startling everyone within the yard. Domino and Scarlet Spider use quick thinking and teamwork to web up and dispatch of a few guards while Invisible Woman bends light around Logan to disguise him as a soldier to walk freely and survey their surroundings.

Quickly, and with reckless abandon, Domino rail slides down a staircase, turning herself into a human bullet and firing herself at a rail worker so that her and Scarlet Spider can flank all the soldiers and people closing in around Valkyrie.

Best laid plans what they are, one of the Symkarian soldiers runs face long into Wolverine, asking him a question in his native tongue to which Logan responds in grunted English. Despite appearances, the soldier knows something is up and goes to pull his gun on Wolverine, but before he can he received adamantium-reinforced chops to the chest and face, incapacitated.

As more military descend upon Valkyrie, Wolverine and Invisible Woman are marooned—hidden, but stuck—away from their teammates. Domino and Scarlet Spider move in to help. Domino clears out civilians in a nearby idling semi truck, and snaps into action. As if ripped from a John Woo film, she slides across her knees, flicks her rifle into a shooter’s cradle, and fires into the amassing military forces.

The scene soon erupts into chaos with more and more Symkarias military being drawn to the din. Domino keeps the pressure down with rifle fire, while Scarlet Spider delivers take downs of the webbed and quippy variety. Invisible Woman keeps to the shadows perched atop shipping containers and warps the reality of the soldiers, blinding and disorienting as many as she can allowing Wolverine to take them down from the shadows.

The Secret Avengers make quick work of the ragtag military force until just two—who fall to Scarlet Spider—remain. Ben connects with both a roundhouse and a Chuck Norris joke dispatching one. The other retorts and then into his comms flags the attention of of the nearby ULTIMATUM.

Almost as if on cue, the coordinated and thunderous march of a large force kicks up in the near distance just out of sight. A momentary panic sinks into the Avengers. The jig is up. Zemo’s force knows they’re here.

Quck thinking, Domino hops into the the semi truck and rigs the steering wheel and gas pedal into a full-speed battering ram, barreling down the road toward ULTIMATUM. Somewhere just beyond sight lines, the truck finds its target in a cacophony of panicked screams, dull thuds, and a final thunderous bang. The pageantry of coordinated marching turns to into the rapid footfalls of harried sprints.

Scarlet Spider reflexively uses the speeding truck to launch himself at the last soldier like a webbed slingshot, dropping him quickly.

A handful of ULTIMATUM goons—escorted by field commander Bianca Demonico—emerge from the chaos to confront the Secret Avengers. Demonico orders them open fire without pause or mercy. Shoot to kill. Domino out in the open with nowhere to hide takes the brunt of the aggro. What should have had her dead to rights, she warps luck and probability—as she’s wont to do—to bend the fatal round into the emptiness around her. Invisible Woman joins in with reality warping of her own, drenching the battlefield in impenetrable darkness, and as ULTIMATUM stumble out of it, Ben and Logan run through them until Demonico and a single ULTIMATUM soldier remain. The soldier is quickly taken out by the overwhelming might of the Secret Avengers. Demonico realizing her entire force has been dismantled throws her hands up in surrender. As a final defiant act she issues one simple command into her comms: “Wake up the Baron.”

In quickly setting frustration, Sue Storm weaves herself invisibly behind Demonico and bursts back into sight with a quick strike to the back of the commander’s skull, knocking her out.

bogey up, bogey down

Unsure initially what to do with Demonico, Ben webs her up, and the team decide to put America Chavez on her with instructions to punch her out if needed or to drop her through a star portal at the team’s feet if she could be of use. They then head east toward the Symkarian Palace.

Before long the team find themselves at an ULTIMATUM checkpoint that Domino’s “truck missile” barreled through.

Popping from invisibility to strike an ULTIMATUM soldier, Invisible Woman narrowly misses, putting the already at high-alert force into action. The response: a peppering of sniper rounds from an unknown location.

Domino is the first to get tagged, and often. While most of the Secret Avengers scramble behind cover, Domino finds herself as the favorite target of the unknown—and unseen—shooter.

Seeing Domino get the worst of her exchange with the sniper, Wolverine falls into a rage and charges into the fray, and line of fire. A single command echoes across a chorus of ULTIMATUM radio comms “Bogey up, bogey down,” and all of the near soldiers—including the sniper—turn their attention to Logan and fire. Like a nest of angry hornets, hot led pocks and blisters Wolverines flesh, albeit it temporarily as before his blood can even stain the asphalt, he bounds through any and all soldiers in his path be they ULTIMATUM or otherwise.

This allows Ben and Sue to use coordinated stealth tactics to sweep through enemies forces on one side of the engagement while Domino bops between cover taking shots as she can on the other. The considerable force is quickly put down, leaving only the rooftop snipers.

With adamantium claws and ample rage, Wolverine begins to scale the side of the building. As he nears the top, one of the snipers—another ULTIMATUM field commander, this one a woman named Anarchy—leans over the side of the building with casual ease and fires down upon the mutant. Before the sniper can finish him off, Wolverine grunts through the pain and closes the gap to the shooter, clambering up beside her. He is quickly joined by Scarlet Spider who makes light work of scaling the building.

The rooftop encounter grows brutal as Anarchy relentlessly targets Logan, concluding with her burying hot muzzle in his chest, and firing point blank. Wolverine’s a hard man to kill, but the resulting cavity blown through his chest is enough to put him down temporarily.

Ben—on the rooftop alongside Wolverine—and Sue—from the ground below—again combine might directed at Anarchy, while Domino counter snipes the commander’s remaining support.

Ben volleys jab after jab into the sniper while also using his Spidey Sense and agility to narrowly dodge return fire, whittling down his opponent. As Invisible Woman prepares an invisible burst of energy and hurls it at Anarchy who activates an energy shield just in time for the burst to fizzle and defuse safely.

In the confusion, Scarlet Spider smacks Anarchy and dips past her to check on his downed teammate. With a quick jumpstart from Ben, Wolverine roars back to health, enraged and ready to end this. it doesn’t take long as her runs two sets of claws under Anarchy’s ribs, lifts her into the air and dumps her over the side of the building.

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