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The portal city of Pan always had a tenuous position in Asia. But with Madripoor becoming sovereign land of the NUE, and refugees from all over Asia fleeing villain incursions, Pan has become a powder keg on the verge of collapse. This puts the Agents of Atlas—Pan’s mostly young protectors—in a dangerous spot. They’ll need to protect the people of Pan while navigating the tricky political waters of a multinational portal city being flooded by legally acknowledge super villains, and the refugees afraid of them.


Young Adult Drama! Spies! Espionage (both political and corporate)! Maybe even some times dragons! Agents of Atlas truly can have it all. Pan’s position as a portal city for all of Asia (and a neighborhood in New York) put them in a very unique position in the wake of Zemo’s gambit. With both New York and Madripoor as officially sovereign villain nations, supervillains can now come and go freely through Pan, as long as they pay the Big Nguyen company to do so. Inversely many refugees are trying to flee the NUE through Pan, and may not have the economic viability to do so. The young Agents of Atlas must navigate politics, emotions, responsibilities in a constantly shifting political arena. And that’s without getting into all the mystical and technological machinations of both Big Nguyen and Jimmy Woo.


Gameplay for an Agents of Atlas campaign puts a team of younger Asian heroes in the position of being sole protectors of a portal city with open doors to a series of nations, sometimes with antagonistic and openly hostile desires toward one another. This campaign will explore how to be heroes in the face of overwhelming political and powered odds. It will also explore intrigue where even the team’s own leaders and benefactors are not to be trusted.

Commander: Jimmy Wooo


Total up each individual class type in an Agents of Atlas party. For each individual class represented, the part may learn that number of resistances, vulnerabilities, immunities of every enemy.



Starting resource

“Dragon Energy”


Atlas Bunker

Character Pool

Amadeus Cho
Crescent + Io
Fighter One
Go Go Tamago
Great Mongoose
Hiro + Baymax
Honey Lemon
Isaac Ikeda
Jake Oh
Kamala Khan
Lin Lie (Sword Master/Iron Fist)
Luna Snow
Mighty Mother
Raz Malhotra
Red Feather
St. George
White Fox
Wishing Man

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