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Future Foundation

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Returning from the Negative Zone, the Fantastic Four found the world in disarray. While some chose to fight, Reed chose to provide an alternative. Armed with the world’s brightest, he attempts to carve an utopia from a pocket of the Negative Zone.

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Part space opera. Part trans-dimensional fact-finding mission. It’s a 4X game meets Mass Effect and Lost in Space. When the Fantastic Four return from the Negative Zone, much of this family sees a conflict that requires might. Reed sees a problem the requires his mind. He’ll gather friend and foe alike, as long as they have the brainpower to contribute to his goal of crafting the perfect new home. They’ll travel across all universes, dimensions and timelines to dissect what makes a utopia in hopes of replicating.

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If Doom’s Avengers is for a party intent to solve every problem with might, Future Foundation is its opposite. This is for parties that prefer their games full of exploration and problem solving. Reed is taking the universe’s ample genius on a fantastic voyage through the cosmos and dimensions. Their goal? To learn what makes an utopia, and to then reconstruct it in a new home so that the trifles that lead to the rise of Zemo are rendered meaningless.

That’s not to say that conflict won’t require brawn from time to time. The multiverse is rife with danger, but Reed’s crew is dedicated to solving their problems with their brain first.

Commander: Mister Fantastic

Commander: Mister fantastic


For any check while Mister Fantastic is the Commander that would require a Strength roll of any kind, players can use Intelligence instead.



Starting resource

Unstable Molecule research


The Baxter Explorer

Future Foundation: Character Pool

Character Pool

Mister Fantastic
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
Human Torch
The Thing
Doctor Doom
Hank Pym
Iron Man
Mister Sinister
Bill Foster
Blue Marvel
The Wizard
Doctor Minerva
Spider-Man (Octavius)
Spider-Man (Parker)
Amadeus Cho

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