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When the world gets turned upside down, sometimes it’s best put it in the rear view. For a group of kids whose villain parents have signed onto Zemo’s schemes, it feels like a case of Tainted Love: “Once I ran to you. Now I’ll run from you.”

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This campaign is for anyone who wants a little teen angst in their hardboiled crime drama. What happens when a group of teens realize their parents are supervillains who’ve joined Zemo and his ranks in NUE York City? You get super-powered teens on the run in the LA underground, led by X-Men’s most lovable runaway mom (and sometimes vampire) Jubilee! Not only are the Runaways trying to escape their villainous legacies left by their parents, and survive on their own, but they’ll find themselves at the center of a city set to rip itself apart in reaction to The Barony. Imagine the film Chinatown meets Scooby Doo.

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Gameplay for a Runaways campaign revolves almost entirely around being on the run, exploring the city—and its underbelly—and surviving. Unlike a standard exploration/survival D&D game, Runaways takes place in an urban environment. A city on the brink as it decides how to respond to the hostile takeover of New York while a growing number of its citizens and pundits turn sympathizer. Players will have to navigate their own personal safety while using both their soft skills and powers to defuse the local situation.

Commander: Jubilee

Commander: Jubilee


Whenever any of the Runaways use Tactics that are not their preferred relational (Solo, Buddy, Team) Tactics, any time they are granted the effects of a Short Rest, they may instead get the effects of a Long Rest. As long a Jubilee is Commander.



Starting resource

Krakoa Gate


An abandoned mall

Character Pool: Runaways

Character Pool

Juston Seyfert + Sentinel ONE
Alex Wilder
Nico Minoru
Chase Stein
Gertrude Yorkes + Old Lace
Karolina Dean
Molly Hayes
Victor Mancha
Cloak + Dagger
Mulholland Black

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