Raid Bosses


Raids serve to emulate the moments in the Marvel Universe where rogues hit the heroes where it hurts most. Often these result in sprawling, universe-shaking crossovers that require allies from all corners to come to each other’s aid.

Character Creation

[5e]Character Creation

Building continuity between multiple games in a larger overworld is a challenge. Marvel Overpower believes it’s an important part of the Marvel RPG experience. It should never be a burden, however. DMs and players can find the best way to include it (or not). The following sections will detail different aspects of a shared-continuity universe spanning several different campaigns, goals, and styles.

Designing a Hub

Designing a Hub

An integral part of the Commander Overlay added to a Marvel Overpower game, is the hub. It is a team stronghold, a social hub, a place to spend XP, start research, investigate anomalies, find missions, etc. This allows players a space to interact with the game and other players while not actively engaging a specific mission. Not only is this concept thematically rich, it also allows players of different engagement levels to interact with the game at frequencies that fit the individual.