Wolverine: Played by Matthew Lewis

Old Man Logan


The man known as Wolverine has been many things: mutant, soldier, spy, assassin, X-Man. He’s lived countless lives. So many in fact, that they’ve become a burden.

With the mutants of Krakoa having unlocked the ability to themselves live countless lives, it’s a burden they’re promised. One that leaves a bitter taste at the back of Logan’s throat. So, he finds himself distanced, and isolated from his found family.

What’s worse, in a world where death has been defeated, it doesn’t leave much room for the mutant who’s “the best at what he does.” He’s become a relic, with the world passing him by.

His sacrifice and skillset were made obsolete and for Wolverine, who’s always seen the world through brutal, cynical eyes, this is his final gasp. He’s wasted his life killing the softer parts of himself for a purpose lost. Now he’s staring down the end of it. But old habits die hard.

Even for him—nigh unkillable—resurrection robs life of purpose.

So Logan strikes out into the wilderness to find another one, and more importantly, to keep from getting soft. Old habits, after all.

He spends his solitary years testing his own limits, tempting fate, and daring his now aging body to give out.

Until one day when Charles Xavier comes to fetch his former weapon, The Wolverine. One last job—a personal one. It seems Weapon X is back in the fold, and they’ve devised weapons that can kill the unkillable Krakoan mutants. At the center of this weaponry: a child. A mutant child. Xavier wants it dead. All with the intent to free that child to be resurrected on Krakoa, but it’s the murder of a child just the same. If Logan’s not the man for the job, his kids—Laura and Akihiro—will be. So the old warhorse suits up one last time, to make another bloody sacrifice so the perfect world of Krakoa doesn’t have to.

Wolverine faces his old commanding officer Cyber on the bullet train prison of Child X.

Murder on the weapon x-press

Xavier’s wetwork mission put Logan up against a familiar evil, Weapon X. Child X—imprisoned on a perpetual motion bullet train—is the source of the Mutant Nullification armaments, and the sacrifice of this child for the safety of all future mutants is one that Xavier is willing to make. Xavier was able to read the psychic signatures of the mutants aboard the train, and has learned its undergroun path, sending Wolverine in to do the dirty work with Beast babysitting.

Attempting to gauge the speed and trajectory needed to leap to the moving bullet train proves impossible for Logan, who is skipped across the side of the train until adamantium claws find purchase. Anchored to the train, he provides a Beast a hand to aim for and the two climb aboard, but not before triggering the exterior security system which results in laser turrets. Wolverine and Beast disable the turrets with claws and brute force, and then seek out a way inside from the top of the train. The high-speed prison does not provide any obvious ones however, until the two mutants reach the front of the train. The windshield is reinforced, but Beast surmises with a bit of calculations and physics, the two can do a makeshift “fastball special” and send Wolverine, up, and against the motion of the train, careening back down, claws first through the glass. it works, and Wolverine clear the car of its driver. Beast stays behind to man the controls, and provide any technical assistance from the cockpit while Wolverine head’s deeper into the train to do what he does best.

Wolverine quickly finds himself knee deep in Weapon X guards outfitted with shockblades made from carbonadium and assault rifles loaded with Mutant Nullifcation rounds. Wolverine absorbs a hailstorm of bullets, and countless carbonadium slashes, but perseveres, removing foe after foe.

That is, until he moves up one train car to come face to face with his old commanding officer, Silas Burr, and new Weapon X plaything, Cyber. The two adamantium fighters skewer and batter each other until finally Wolverine thrusts his claws up into a soft spot in Cyber’s skin, bringing the hulk to his knees.

After dispatching a few remaining Weapon X guards, Beast unlocked the door into the central car which held a handful of guards, an odd incubator type construct, and Mesmero, a Weapon X mutant and the world’s most powerful hypnotist. Wolverine tears through the first level of guards before Mesmero steps in, attempting to use his psychic abilities to blind Logan. Wolverine is able to push the psychic manipulations aside, which forces Mesmero to resort to going toe-to-toe with him. He summons a dizzying array of astral arms, and lashes out.

Battling an onslaught of astral attacks, mental invasions, and the constant barrage of Mutant Nullification rounds begins to take its toll on Wolverine, as even his healing factor is taxed. To make matters worse, Mesmero hails another Weapon X creation in Slayback whose bionic and mutant manipulations allow his forearms to transform into massive deadly scythes. The duo push Wolverine to the brink, forcing him to radio Beast for assistance.

The blue furball arrives, bounding into action with an acrobatic dropkick knocking Mesmero aside, and freeing Wolverine to do what he does best. The fight remains brutal as the two X-Men find themselves dodging Mutant Nullification rounds, stun blades, devastating psionic blasts, and the death-by-a-thousand cuts of Slayback’s scythe arms. Eventually however—bloodied and weakened—the two mutants are able to tear through Mesmero’s defenses and health siphoning abilities, and drop him. A fist full of adamantium claws rammed through the chest. Slayback puts up a good fight, but is no match for Hank and Logan and then shortly incapacitated.

The X-Men find themselves wounded and knocking on death’s door, but alone. Alone with the ominous and horrific looking incubator. Inside is indeed Child X, comatose and hooked up to a series of feeding tubes, ventilators, and other vile mechanisms siphoning plasma and marrow. The child is emaciated and for all intents and purposes, dying, if it weren’t for Weapon X’s disgusting means of prolonging the child’s purpose of feeding their mutant nullification tech.

Beast explains the processes of downloading Child X into Cerebro which itself is rather arcane, jamming a device into the base of his skull. As Hank does this, the entire train is bathed in red light, sirens, and all of the car door slam apart, permanently open. Of the many things hooked into Child X, there’s also a full security alert upon tampering.

In the final car attached to the one with Hank and Logan, six Weapon X guards respond to the security alert, and move into an attack formation. They rain fire down upon the wounded mutants who have to resort to less direct manners of attack, and pick off the first guard. In response the guards turn their attention away from Wolverine and Beast and aim instead to destroy the incubator—and Child X—keeping him out of the hands of the mutants. Realizing this, the battered and wounded Old Man Logan braces himself between Child X and Weapon X, prepared to die if need be in service of completing his mission.

Filled with berserker rage, he launches vicious attack after attack, wading into gunfire and a flurry of slashing shockblades. It also leaves an opening for one guard to take aim at the incubator, riddling with it bullets and damaging it to the point of near explosion. With his last gasp, Wolverine tears through the final guard and returns to Child X as the last few moments of downlading to Cerebro ticks over.

All that is left is put Child X and keep him out of the hands of Weapon X. Logan and Hank are left with a choice. Walk away and presume the malfunctioning incubator will do the job for them, or actively put an end to the child. Wolverine rests his fist on the small child, turns his head, and slides a single claw through the child’s heart.


Wolverine #1
Secret Avengers #1


played by:


Class & Level:

Level 10
Barbarian 6 (Path of the Totem Warrior)
Fighter 4 (Battle Master)


Relational Tactics: Solo
Combat Tactics: Subterfuge

1TA (Short Rest): Short Rest as a bonus action.

2TA (Slice and Dice): When Logan has maximum tactical advantage, attacks made with his adamantium claws cut through any and all surfaces. His claw attacks always do 1d8 damage, and any nommagical armor being worn by the target of successful attack is permanently damaged. With each successful attack, the target receives a cumulative -1 to their AC to a maximum of -5.


Secret Avengers

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