Barbarian: The Path of the Brute

Every tavern has at least one, the house brute. One who says little and backs up every word that ever leaves his mouth. Never quick to drop coin on a drink and always ready to bask in the glory brought down from a roaring crowd by the faith of his knuckles. One can find him nearly anywhere there is a fighting pit, a noble’s home needing protection, or just walking about town minding his own business until another’s business crosses the wrong end of his fist. He’s not always a towering man of muscle nor is he always a blunt instrument to be abused. He simply makes his money the most honest way he knows how: beating it out of the face of any opponent willing to step into that ring that may as well be his second home.


Starting at 3rd level, the Brute is a master of intimidation and is especially deadly with the bludgeoning weapons that some might call his hands.  Once these weapons are closed and ready for a brawl there is little that remains standing in the Brute’s way.  Choosing this subclass at the third level grants the barbarian the Bruiser feature adding proficiency of unarmed strikes. At this level, these strikes deal bludgeoning damage of 1d4 + the barbarian’s strength modifier.  

The bruiser feature increases to 1d6 at level 5 and adds an additional d6 at levels 11 and 17.

The Brute also gains proficiency with Improvised weapons and utilizes his bruiser feature for damage.

A Mean Right Hook

As a reaction to an opponent that misses an attack against him, the Brute can take the opportunity for himself to make a bruiser strike against the opponent. Taken off guard, the opponent is forced to succeed a Constitution saving throw or be stunned until the start of the brute’s next turn.

The brute’s unarmed strikes are now considered magical for overcoming resistance.

Shake it Off

As the Brute gains their 10th level, their ability to keep the fight going and resist pain keeps them standing well beyond normal means. The Brute now gains the Shake it off feature, as a number of times equal to the barbarian’s Constitution modifier per long rest the Brute can add their constitution modifier to their Armor Class or a Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution saving throw to avoid damage.  Any attack that requires the barbarian to take half damage on a successful save, the barbarian now takes no damage.

Rush of Adrenaline

Upon reaching the 14th level, the Brute’s ability to deliver punishment and resist pain becomes unparalleled to that of many mortal creatures.  A number of times equal to the Brute’s Constitution modifier per long rest, when the Brute enters a rage he gains a number of temporary hit points equal to his barbarian level.  

To use this subclass, it to your Homebrew collections here: The Path of the Brute.

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